Time Is Running Out to Abolish Superdelegate Dominance

ConventionForPKWebsiteOver 210,000 people have signed our petition to abolish superdelegate voting dominance. And, our action is making a difference!

In May, the Maine Democratic Party voted to abolish the influence of superdelegates. Now, 20 other states have followed their lead.

Ultimately, to truly restore one person, one vote to our nomination process, the DNC needs to change the rules. The good news is that forty-three members of the party’s Rules Committee have signed on to an amendment to end superdelegates. We only need four more members to potentially force a floor fight on the amendment.

Now, it’s time to send a message directly to the rules committee.

Time Is Running Out: Sign NOW to Abolish Superdelegate Voting Dominance.

As President of Progressive Kick, I’m traveling to Philadelphia to personally deliver our signatures to the rules committee before their meeting on Saturday.

Please add your name.

Superdelegates have the “superpower” to choose the party’s presidential nominee irrespective of the voters’ choice.

The sponsor of the rule change in Maine, Representative Diane Russell, stated, “It’s really quite simple. If you want to build a fair economy that works for everyone, you must first build a fair election system that works for everyone.”

Time Is Running Out: Sign NOW to Abolish Superdelegate Voting Dominance.

The rule changes made by states across the country mean Superdelegate presidential preferences will be allocated in the same proportion as voter preferences.

We have a real chance to abolish superdelegate dominance. But, change won’t happen unless you make your voice heard. Please help by adding your name today.

Time Is Running Out: Sign NOW to Abolish Superdelegate Voting Dominance.

Onward and Upward,


Joshua Grossman, President
Progressive Kick, Give Conservatives the Boot!

Progressive Kick is an organization of pragmatic progressives, dedicated to construction of a society that values the needs/rights/responsibilities of all of its members-from the most powerful to the least. Since the most powerful are already being taken care of, our capacity building focuses on the rest of us.

Tell the DNC: Include “Medicare For All” in the Platform.

MEDICARE FOR ALLOver 30 million Americans do not have access to healthcare. Even with President Obama’s landmark Affordable Care Act, they are left out in the cold, faced with impossible financial decisions due to lack of insurance coverage and skyrocketing healthcare costs.

Hard working Americans are forced into bankruptcy by a health condition they didn’t predict – and cannot afford. And, millions of others can’t access any health care at all – lowering their quality of life – and shortening their life expectancy.

Tell the DNC: Include “Medicare For All” in the Platform.

Last month, the Democratic party platform committee voted to endorse healthcare as “a right,” but blocked an amendment pledging the Democratic Party fight for a “Medicare for all, single-payer health-care system to guarantee health care as a right, not a privilege, to everyone in this country.”

So, basically the DNC platform says, “yeah, we agree, healthcare is a right for all people. But, not really.”

We cannot in good faith say healthcare is a right if 30 Million people cannot access it. On healthcare, the Democratic platform’s position rings hollow, eerily similar to what turn of the century leaders said about voting; “Everyone has the right to vote! (unless you’re poor, non-white, or a woman).”

It’s all hat and no horse.

We must demand better. Tell the DNC: Include “Medicare For All” in the Platform.

Help us continue the fight for the progressive policies that Bernie stands for. Please sign on today.