Good News for a change

You haven’t heard from us in awhile, but I’m back to report some good news. In 2016 we fought the powers that be to end superdelegate voting dominance over the rest of us, and now we have won 90% of what we were fighting for! This is something we should all feel great about.

We didn’t abolish superdelegates – but last month it was decided that undemocratic, non-elected superdelegates will no longer vote in the first round of voting at the convention, which is when all modern conventions have made their decisions.

This was due to the desire on the part of the Democratic Party to unify after the divisions over the Clinton and Sanders candidacies, but it would not have happened without huge pressure from the grassroots, including you. At the Democratic convention, I personally represented over 125,000 people who put their names to the petition to abolish superdelegates. They listened, and we won.

Politics is messy and we rarely get a 100% victory — but this was far more victory than defeat.

On to the next battle. We are joining the fight to #StopKavanaugh, a radical right wing judge that was chosen by Trump for the Supreme Court to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, Roe v. Wade, and many of our progressive ideals.

Susan Collins is the key swing vote in the Senate. Supposedly moderate, she refuses to say whether she will oppose this nomination despite Kavanaugh’s horrible legislative track record, and his horrible record as a human being.

How can we get her attention? We’re partnering with brave health care activist Ady Barkan and his Be a Hero campaign and Maine People’s Alliance and Mainers for Accountable Leadership to hold Susan Collins accountable for her vote.

Pledge $20.20 today to her future Democratic opponent… IF Susan Collins refuses to stand up for us and vote No on Kavanaugh.

Your pledge will only be processed if she votes yes on Kavanaugh’s nomination. We’ve raised nearly $1.5 million dollars, and Susan Collins is getting scared. She gave an exclusive interview to right wing rag Newsmax, complaining that this is a “bribe”.

This isn’t a bribe… it’s a promise. If you refuse to do the right thing, we’ll replace you in 2020 with someone who will. And we’re making a down payment on that promise today.

Pledge today to hold Senator Collins accountable, and she’ll know we mean business.

Time Is Running Out to Abolish Superdelegate Dominance

ConventionForPKWebsiteOver 210,000 people have signed our petition to abolish superdelegate voting dominance. And, our action is making a difference!

In May, the Maine Democratic Party voted to abolish the influence of superdelegates. Now, 20 other states have followed their lead.

Ultimately, to truly restore one person, one vote to our nomination process, the DNC needs to change the rules. The good news is that forty-three members of the party’s Rules Committee have signed on to an amendment to end superdelegates. We only need four more members to potentially force a floor fight on the amendment.

Now, it’s time to send a message directly to the rules committee.

Time Is Running Out: Sign NOW to Abolish Superdelegate Voting Dominance.

As President of Progressive Kick, I’m traveling to Philadelphia to personally deliver our signatures to the rules committee before their meeting on Saturday.

Please add your name.

Superdelegates have the “superpower” to choose the party’s presidential nominee irrespective of the voters’ choice.

The sponsor of the rule change in Maine, Representative Diane Russell, stated, “It’s really quite simple. If you want to build a fair economy that works for everyone, you must first build a fair election system that works for everyone.”

Time Is Running Out: Sign NOW to Abolish Superdelegate Voting Dominance.

The rule changes made by states across the country mean Superdelegate presidential preferences will be allocated in the same proportion as voter preferences.

We have a real chance to abolish superdelegate dominance. But, change won’t happen unless you make your voice heard. Please help by adding your name today.

Time Is Running Out: Sign NOW to Abolish Superdelegate Voting Dominance.

Onward and Upward,


Joshua Grossman, President
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