2014 U.S. Senate Endorsements

US Senate Candidates Worth Working For in 2014

These candidates get our highest honors. People should do everything they can to help these people get elected. Move across the country to volunteer. Donate until it hurts. Help us with a donation toward an IE campaign – there’s no limit on how much you can donate as long as you’re a US citizen or legal resident. Click here to donate.

Open Seat & Challengers

Non-incumbent candidates worth working for scored an A- or better on our exhaustive candidate ideological questionnaire.

State Candidate Needs help in
Primary General
South Dakota Rick Weiland


Incumbent candidates worth working for are candidates who have earned ProgressivePunch.org’s highest score — five stars — in the percentage of crucial lifetime votes in which the candidate sided with progressives. “Crucial” votes are votes in which there was strong progressive cohesion and at the same time a significant defection on the part of more conservative Democrats to the Republicans. The Crucial Votes % categories also include all roll call votes where the margin between yes votes and no votes was narrow and could have been changed by a small group of members voting differently. For a more detailed explanation click here.

Most of these progressive incumbents are in pretty good shape as of 1/6/14. Candidates who especially need our & your help in their election are in bold.

State Candidate
Hawaii Brian Schatz (Primary)
Illinois Dick Durbin
Massachusetts Ed Markey
Minnesota Al Franken
New Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen (General)
New Mexico Tom Udall
Oregon Jeff Merkley
Rhode Island Jack Reed


The candidates listed below have earned a B+, still good enough for our endorsement.


State Candidate
Alaska Mark Begich
Delaware Chris Coons