Can we trust Stewart Mills III?

Can we trust Stewart Mills III?

We answer this question and we’ve provided sources for our charges in the footnotes below. The New York billionaire Koch brothers have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to elect Stewart Mills III to Congress.1 Why? Because Mills would support their agenda of privatizing Social Security – gambling with your retirement in the stock market – and keeping special tax breaks for billionaires like them. These are the same Koch brothers who shut down their Georgia-Pacific plant in Duluth putting 140 people out of work.2 Stewart Mills III even was “personally offended” when it was suggested the wealthy don’t pay their fair share in taxes!3

Born with a silver spoon in his mouth, backed by billionaires only looking out for themselves, who will Stewart Mills III really represent?

Heck, on top of all of that, he admits he’s a Packers fan!

“Oh! They caught me! Although I never tried to hide it, it would be tough to.”4

He really is on the wrong team.

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