Executive Assistant for Progressive Organizations – Full or Part Time

Executive Assistant for Progressive Organizations – Full or Part Time

Two progressive and very pragmatic political non-profit organizations are seeking a joint executive assistant for a very small office. One of the organizations deals with informing people about Congressional voting records, the other, running issue messaging campaigns designed to get more progressives elected to Congress and state legislatures around the country. (For more information about the organizations go to www.ProgressivePunch.org and www.ProgressiveKick.org). Our ideal candidate for this position would have a progressive perspective, a commitment to social change efforts and a personal interest in the worlds of government and politics. The ideal candidate also absolutely has to have the qualifications and the personality to effectively handle the job requirements detailed below.

The job requires constant close interface with Joshua Grossman, who is both organizations’ president – checking and drafting emails, making phone calls, keeping his schedule – as well as assisting with projects. It’s a friendly but fairly hectic environment. You’ll be working with another executive assistant, so we’re flexible on hiring someone for a 25-30 hours/week or a full 40 hours/week.

We need someone who is a very fast and accurate typist (at least 75 wpm) with good spelling skills (for dictation), who is able to multitask and deal with lots of interruptions without dropping threads and who possesses an analytical bent. The ability to follow very precise directions in a very precise manner is key. You should be a hyper-meticulous person – the kind who organizes your CDs/DVDs by alphabet, checks the bank’s figures on your bank statement, etc. The best suited applicant will have a cheerful, upbeat disposition and be able to remain unflustered, maintaining almost impeccable accuracy and attention to detail while also keeping track of multiple tasks and deadlines in the midst of interruptions and perpetually shifting priorities. Office work experience is required. Good basic math skills (algebra, arithmetic) are a plus.

Joshua is not emotionally volatile and is often playful and funny, but at the same time he is a very intellectually demanding East Coastishly energetic go getter, so you’ve got to be able to keep up – especially by being very meticulous. This isn’t an emotionally intense place to work, but it is intellectually intense. We do lots of ultra-systematic and effective prioritizing, nevertheless you have to be able to not get psychologically overwhelmed by a multitude of different tasks clamoring for your attention. You must be comfortable working with a very close level of supervision over all aspects of your work.

We require an assistant who is willing to commit to work for us at least 2 years, preferably longer.

We are located in an extremely accessible area just one block from downtown Oakland’s 19th Street BART Station.

Salary depends on experience and skills.

Please put salary requirements in your application. Please specify if you’re interested in a full time position, part time position or either. And please put the words “Nooner – Executive Assistant” in the subject line of your response. Applicants who don’t follow these three instructions will not be considered for the position. Email your cover letter and resume to jobs@progressivepunch.org.

Specific Tasks:
• Answer phones, set up phone appointments/conferences, maintain Joshua’s calendar.
• Monitor multiple email accounts and prepare correspondence.
• Call/follow up with vendors, clients, designers, fundraisers, etc. as needed.
• Track status on all correspondence and projects.
• Take dictation accurately and quickly.
• Extensively use MS Word and Excel.
• Set up and maintain databases and tracking systems for various purposes.
• Create new electronic and paper filing systems and maintain them.
• Work with vote description writers and other contractors, overseeing their work.
• Pay bills and maintain accounts on QuickBooks (simple bookkeeping – could be learned on job) as needed.
• Prepare, review and submit IRS filings, legal documents, and grant proposals as needed.
• Research information using internet and other resources.
• Make conference and travel arrangements.
• Do everyday troubleshooting of computers and office equipment.
• Order supplies and maintain a functioning office.
• Compose first drafts of detailed and complex correspondence.
• Maintain programmer project tracking database, Trac.
• Various independent projects as needed.