Exposing Senator Inhofe’s Record Sabotaging American Troops

We’re spotlighting Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe’s horrifying voting record betraying brave young Americans risking their lives in Iraq & Afghanistan.

Senator Inhofe votes to send soldiers to war and then allows them to be horribly wounded or killed by voting against both body armor for the troops & protective vehicle armor to keep them from being devastated by roadside bombs (IEDs). He’s also repeatedly voted against programs for the physical and mental rehabilitation of soldiers once they’re out of the service and have become veterans.

This is a message we’re airing on cable TV in both metro Oklahoma City & Tulsa, where most Oklahomans live. But we need to reach people in small town & rural Oklahoma as well as folks in Oklahoma City & Tulsa who don’t have cable. We have a further pledge of $50,000 from within Oklahoma if we can raise a similar amount on ActBlue and elsewhere. Your contribution will let us put this on broadcast TV statewide.

Our next commercial (funds permitting) will show Inhofe’s leading role in frying the planet by torpedoing any action on global warming.

Help us get this on the air so that Oklahomans will light a fire under Inhofe making him learn how Oklahomans feel about his role in betraying our troops and our planet! Donate to Progressive Kick’s Oklahoma Fund at ActBlue.