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Jocelyn Benson
MI-Sec State

Jocelyn is an election law professor at Wayne State University who actually has written a book on how Secretary of States can make the electoral system more transparent, accountable, and accessible. In 2008, Jocelyn’s opponent, Oakland County Clerk Ruth Johnson, said it was ok for voters to be challenged at the polls just because their homes were in foreclosure — Jocelyn stood up and said it was wrong. Johnson proudly displays endorsements from conservative groups Right To Life and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce.

Christine Green

Christine has practiced law in Washtenaw County for 25 years. As an attorney, she has championed civil rights and the fair treatment of employees and is a board member of Planned Parenthood Mid-Michigan Alliance. Christine’s opponent, Mark Oimet, is a self-financing member of the Republican establishment which has continued to wreck the state; he is part of a growing number of anti-choice candidates in Michigan.

Art Reyes

Art has spent his life fighting for the rights of workers and is a life-long resident of Genesee County. He is running against a sitting state representative who spent most of 2010 running for another job and whose big crusade is advocating against transgendered individuals changing their sex on their driver’s licenses.

Dian Slavens

Dian’s a respiratory therapist who has seen firsthand the struggles families face in obtaining access to affordable healthcare. During her first term she has been a standup leader and strong vote for progressive issues — even at times when the issue would cause her potential trouble back home.