North Carolina

Win Big in North Carolina!

Double your money and double your impact in these close legislative races. Every dollar you give via our Win Big by Thinking Small ActBlue page will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000 per candidate.

Patsy Keever

Patsy Keever: “I originally decided to run for the NC Legislature when I read in the local newspaper that my current legislator was ranked at the very bottom of all NC legislators by the nonpartisan organization, Environment NC…. I was up against all the “powers that be” in the state, and it was a real shot in the arm to get the surprise support from Progressive Kick at a time when we were unable to get support from the groups I had expected to have… we won our primary by a 60 – 40 margin against an entrenched incumbent who outspent me five to one…” Patsy’s Republican opponent is even worse than the Blue Dog she beat in the primary, let’s put her over the top!

Rick Glazier

Rep. Rick Glazier has worked effectively to increase access to quality, affordable healthcare; ensure a globally-competitive education for every child; and promote justice & equality for all citizens. He is consistently ranked among the top 5 most effective legislators in the North Carolina House and since his first session has introduced and passed more legislation than any of the other 169 legislators in the state. His opponent, Jackie Warner, supported massive proposed cuts to public education and social services and has openly used a difference of religion to attack Rep. Glazier in rural churches.

Jennifer Weiss

Rep. Jennifer Weiss is a lawyer and mom known as the conscience of the North Carolina House who’s fought for great schools, investments in small businesses and healthy, sustainable communities. Her opponent Don Frantz signed a right-wing Pledge, which protects tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas and would drastically cut funding for our schools and essential human services if implemented.

Josh Stein

Senator Josh Stein fights for clean energy jobs, stands up for our schools, and works to expand access to quality health care. The Sierra Club and North Carolina Association of Educators named him a “Rising Star.” His conservative opponent, Michael Beasley, supported a Republican budget that would have laid-off thousands of teachers and would take tax dollars away from public schools, giving it to private schools instead.