Offering $250K to Progressive State Leg. Candidates Nationwide

Progressive Kick is committing at least $125,000 we’ve received from major donors exclusively for dollar-for-dollar matches to donations raised on ActBlue for progressive candidates for state legislature & down ballot statewide offices (Secretary of State etc.). Read more about the Win Big by Thinking Small program.

That’s a quarter of a million dollars for these wonderful candidates — but it’ll only happen if the Netroots participates! We’ve vetted these candidates very carefully with multiple experts/polling data in each state and are sure that each one is in a close but winnable race and that control of Congressional redistricting in their state is at stake.

All of our candidates are progressive leaders with real backbones unlike some Democratic members of Congress who we’ll have to hold our noses to vote for in order to keep a majority. Many of our candidates on this page will be the progressive Congressional candidates of the future. All money donated on ActBlue through our page will be deposited directly in the accounts of the candidates, not in ours. But we’re only matching donations made through our own ActBlue page, so tell your friends to come here and double their impact with no extra cost!

[Our Oregon & Pennsylvania candidates are already up on the page. We’ll be adding additional candidates in Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina & Wisconsin through the next week.]

Donate now!