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Maryellen O’Shaughnessy
OH-Secretary of State

Maryellen O’Shaughnessy is a passionate progressive with an impressive Ten Point Plan for improving Ohio’s elections system, helping Ohio’s economy grow, and promoting trust and integrity in the electoral system. As Clerk of Court of Common Pleas for one of Ohio’s largest counties, she oversees a vast system of county records, a staff of 231, and a budget of $12.5 million. She has a strong record of success in providing more responsive services and boosting transparency. It is imperative that Democrats retain the office of Secretary of State because that office has been misused in presidential elections by the infamous Ken Blackwell and it is one of five positions on the Apportionment Board which will redraw Ohio legislative districts.

David Robinson

David is Vice President of Marcy Enterprises, a local family-owned manufacturing company that deals in the kind of innovative, cutting-edge manufacturing that will be the basis of new-economy jobs. This district is the best chance for a Dem pick-up in 2010 which could well be the key in preventing Republican control of redistricting in Ohio.

Linda Secrest

Linda Secrest comes from a family of six children and growing up worked alongside her siblings to build their family business, Taylor Terrace, from the ground up. She currently serves as executive director of Guernsey County Drug and Alcohol Services, in rural Southeast Ohio. Her opponent is an avowed tea party follower who’s campaigning on “nullifying” the health care law in Ohio and cutting state support for public schools.