Win Big in Oregon!

Double your money and double your impact in these close legislative races. Every dollar you give via our Win Big by Thinking Small ActBlue page will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000 per candidate.

Dan Rayfield

Dan Rayfield is running against Sen. Frank Morse, who was named as one of the 12 most anti-environment state-level candidates in the nation by the League of Conservation Voters. Dan’s big focus is on creating meaningful, decent-paying jobs in part through his strong support for higher education in Oregon.

Nick Kahl

In his first term, Rep. Nick Kahl worked to hold big banks and lending companies accountable, so they’ve targeted him for defeat. His opponent, Matt Wand, is a local city council member who opposes raising taxes on corporations and the wealthy – but balanced his town’s budget by raising water and sewer fees on low-income families.

Susan Sokol Blosser

Susan Sokol Blosser is one of the founders of Oregon’s world-renowned wine industry where she’s a leader on environmental sustainability. Her opponent, Rep. Jim Weidner proposed a bill taking away health care for 80,000 of Oregon’s children.

Will Rasmussen

Will Rasmussen is focused on great schools, protecting farm and forest land, and growing our economy. His opponent, Julie Parrish, is closely aligned with shadowy right wing outfit Americans for Prosperity and styles herself as Oregon’s Sarah Palin.

Doug Ainge

For over three decades, Doug Ainge has been a teacher, mentor and coach in Oregon’s schools. His opponent, Shawn Lindsey, tries to fake moderation but in fact campaigns with right wing fringe groups.