Wisconsin II? Dems hanging on by 1 vote

UPDATE 11/9: Victory in Iowa! Together we raised over $10,000 for the Iowa Senate special election. Progressive Democrat Liz Mathis won her race with 56% of the vote, allowing Democrats to retain control of the Iowa Senate and preventing a complete GOP takeover of Iowa government.


The Republicans have mounted a sneak attack – trying to send Iowa down the same terrible road as Wisconsin and Ohio. Progressive Kick is partnering with our Iowa friends Working Families Win to fight back. Iowa’s future is hanging in the balance and YOU can tip the scales! 100% of funds raised by Progressive Kick Iowa Fund will be used in Iowa.

Donate today to make the difference.

Democrats were clinging to a 26-24 majority in the State Senate, but the Governor appointed a Democratic senator to a statewide board, just so he could call a special election that could allow Republicans to take control of the State Senate and the entire Iowa state government. If Republicans win, there’ll be a 25-25 tie, which would be broken by the Republican Lieutenant Governor. This snap special election will be held next week on November 8. The super-thin Dem majority in the State Senate is our only finger in the dike against all kinds of evil Republican schemes.

The Republican governor and State House want to kill HAWK-I, Iowa’s health insurance program for low- and middle-class children. They want to kill universal pre-school.

They want to kill collective bargaining rights for hard working teachers, nurses, firefighters and other community heroes.

They want to discriminate by taking away the rights of some Iowans to get married.

$50 from you gets a matching $50 from our major contributors. All of our administrative costs are covered already – so that $100 translates directly into 10 extra completed and submitted absentee ballots. Together we can do this but time is running short. Please give generously now and tell your friends and family. In a district of 50,000 voters, there are 193 more Republicans than Democrats. The Democrat Liz Mathis is a passionate advocate for children. The Republican campaigns against unions on her web site. Your $50 donation could well prove to be the difference in winning the election!

Time to ensure Iowa doesn’t become another Wisconsin or Ohio.


Iowa Senate Race Could Reveal Political Trends Heading Into 2012 Elections, B.A. Morelli, Iowa City Patch, 9/26/11.

The next fight in Wisconsin

UPDATE 8/15: We did it! Together we raised over $60,000 for the Wisconsin Senate recall candidates. Two went on to win their elections on Tuesday – Jessica King and Jennifer Schilling.

GoalIn April supporters like you helped us raise over $20,000 for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to help pay signature-gathering expenses for the Wisconsin Senate recalls. Volunteers on the ground were so successful that six of the Scott Walker Republicans are on the ballot August 9th!

Five of the six Democratic challengers running in the recall elections are strong experienced women, who have dedicated their lives and careers to helping other people. Women who will help return control of the legislature to Democrats, stop Scott Walker’s extreme anti-women agenda in its tracks, and focus on the priorities of Wisconsin families. EMILY’s List and Progressive Kick are endorsing all five of them.

Now your help can make a difference again. We’re teaming up with EMILY’s List to double your money and double your impact, by matching your contributions dollar-for-dollar for the Wisconsin Senate elections.

Time is very short. Help us raise $70,000 right now for their elections on August 9th.

Every dollar you contribute to the Progressive Kick Wisconsin IE Committee will be matched, up to $35,000. One Hundred Percent of the money raised will be sent to EMILY’s List, specifically to benefit these candidates in the upcoming election.

So don’t just make your dollars count, make them double, by contributing to Progressive Kick’s Wisconsin IE Committee for EMILY’s List today!

Let’s show Governor Walker and his Republican Senate flunkies what we’re made of once more.

Recall the Wisconsin Republican 8

UPDATE 4/21: We did it! Together we raised over $20,000 towards the Wisconsin Senate recall.

Unbelievable! Last month Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin called for an illegal last-minute vote to take away workers’ rights and solve the budget crisis he created. Eight puppet Republican senators backed him up and voted for Walker’s extreme agenda.

Scott Walker is not eligible to be recalled until next year, but those 8 senators can answer to the people right now.

Your support of Progressive Kick’s Win Big by Thinking Small project last year — where we matched donations up to $125K for progressive legislative candidates around the country — had a big impact.

Now your help can make a difference in Wisconsin. We’re teaming up with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to double your money and double your impact, by matching your contributions dollar-for-dollar for the Wisconsin Senate Recall.

Recall the Republican 8

Your contribution is urgently needed! People on the ground in Wisconsin are working hard on the recall. With the help of supporters and volunteers like you they are over halfway there. The signatures we need to put extremist Senators Dan Kapanke and Randy Hopper back on the ballot have been gathered already. However time is running out in other districts. The 60-day recall deadline is the end of April.

We need your help to keep it going. Please donate today, and your donation will be doubled. Every dollar you contribute on this page will be matched by Progressive Kick, up to $10,000. All of the money will be sent to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin specifically for signature gathering efforts to qualify the recalls for the ballot.

  • $75 gets us an organizer for a day to put together a weekend canvass.
  • $40 buys a tank of gas so an organizer can drive around the district organizing canvasses in different locations.
  • $25 pays the rent on a field office for the canvass for a day. Some of the districts are large and require more than one field office.

We’re so close — can you kick in just a few dollars today? Every donation will be doubled by Progressive Kick’s major donors.

Let’s show Governor Walker and his Republican Senate flunkies what we’re made of.