Offering $250K to Progressive State Leg. Candidates Nationwide

Progressive Kick is committing at least $125,000 we’ve received from major donors exclusively for dollar-for-dollar matches to donations raised on ActBlue for progressive candidates for state legislature & down ballot statewide offices (Secretary of State etc.). Read more about the Win Big by Thinking Small program.

That’s a quarter of a million dollars for these wonderful candidates — but it’ll only happen if the Netroots participates! We’ve vetted these candidates very carefully with multiple experts/polling data in each state and are sure that each one is in a close but winnable race and that control of Congressional redistricting in their state is at stake.

All of our candidates are progressive leaders with real backbones unlike some Democratic members of Congress who we’ll have to hold our noses to vote for in order to keep a majority. Many of our candidates on this page will be the progressive Congressional candidates of the future. All money donated on ActBlue through our page will be deposited directly in the accounts of the candidates, not in ours. But we’re only matching donations made through our own ActBlue page, so tell your friends to come here and double their impact with no extra cost!

[Our Oregon & Pennsylvania candidates are already up on the page. We’ll be adding additional candidates in Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina & Wisconsin through the next week.]

Donate now!

Successful Counterattack on Virginia’s Right Wing

It’s a rare thing that one gets to smite five right-wing Philistines with a single small donation, but Progressive Kick has exactly that opportunity to offer today.

In fact, not only will your hard-earned dollars go to support progressive candidates and smite nasty right-wingers in Virginia’s House of Delegates for whom the 2009 elections are the last chance to change the balance of power in advance of 2010 redistricting, but we’ll at least double your donation.

We can do this because we’ve secured at least $25,000 (a number that is still growing!) in pledges from large donors specifically pledged to mount a national matching fund drive to swing the balance in Virginia’s House of Delegates in a progressive direction. Any dollar you donate today will be doubled by the time it hits Virginia.

We at Progressive Kick believe that matching large donors with small donors offers an untapped potential to wield progressive power and move political outcomes in Virginia and the nation. Over $10,000 — which, remember, we’re doubling to over $20,000 — has already come in on our ActBlue Page.

You can check out the page at… to see the full line-up.

All five of our candidates, Robin Abbott, Peggy Frank, Stevens Miller, Margi Vanderhye and John Bell will do progressives proud in VA’s state house. And one look at their opponents tells you everything you need to know about the worthiness of this project.

Robin Abbott’s opponent, Phil Hamilton is so corrupt that even the Republican candidate for governor, Bob McDonnell, has called on him to resign for having “violated the public trust.” Hamilton is also staunchly anti-choice, having received a “zero” rating from NARAL since 2006. In contrast, Robin Abbott has been endorsed by NARAL, which calls her “a strong advocate for health care” who will “ensure access to comprehensive reproductive health care.”

Peggy Frank’s opponent, Dave Nutter, has received multiple ratings of “zero” from NARAL and Equality Virginia while garnering an “A+” from the NRA. In short, it’s obvious where Dave Nutter’s priorities and values lie. In contrast, Peggy Frank – a prosecutor, former Girl Scout Leader and Kindergarten soccer coach who worked her way through college as a single mother – promises to focus on “job creation, making healthcare more affordable, and improving education and public safety.”

Stevens Miller’s opponent, Tom Rust, portrays himself as a “moderate” but in reality is allied with far-right-wing Loudoun County board member Eugene Delgaudio, a “leader in the nation’s anti-gay rights movement” who actually staged a “man-donkey wedding” in support of the Federal Marriage Amendment. Rust has also voted against education, choice, and mandating that health insurers in Virginia provide coverage for autism. In sharp contrast, Stevens Miller supports choice, environmental protection, and equality for all.

TPM Muckraker calls Vanderhye’s opponent Barbara Comstock a “GOP knife-fighter” who “ran oppo research for the RNC and chaired Scooter Libby’s defense fund.” Former colleague David Brock described her as “almost unhinged,” while Sean Hannity considers her a “good friend.” In sharp contrast, Margi Vanderhye is a strong progressive who has been endorsed by the Sierra Club, the AFL-CIO, Equality Virginia, and Planned Parenthood.

John Bell’s Republican opponent, Bob Marshall, is an extreme homophobe whoalso  likens contraception to “chemical Love Canals for…frat house playboys,” believes that “sometimes incest is voluntary,” and (with regard to abortion in the case of rape) opines that “the right of a child predominates over the embarrassment of the woman.”  In contrast, John Bell believes in equality for all and has been endorsed by the LCV, NARAL, and NOW.

This is exactly the kind of program Progressive Kick intends to run across the United States in 2010. We believe in bringing large and small donors together in support of targeted progressive races where the opportunity to “smite the right” is in the air. The matching pledges to double your dollars are icing on the cake.

Please join us and consider making a donation today.

Exposing Senator Inhofe’s Record Sabotaging American Troops

We’re spotlighting Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe’s horrifying voting record betraying brave young Americans risking their lives in Iraq & Afghanistan.

Senator Inhofe votes to send soldiers to war and then allows them to be horribly wounded or killed by voting against both body armor for the troops & protective vehicle armor to keep them from being devastated by roadside bombs (IEDs). He’s also repeatedly voted against programs for the physical and mental rehabilitation of soldiers once they’re out of the service and have become veterans.

This is a message we’re airing on cable TV in both metro Oklahoma City & Tulsa, where most Oklahomans live. But we need to reach people in small town & rural Oklahoma as well as folks in Oklahoma City & Tulsa who don’t have cable. We have a further pledge of $50,000 from within Oklahoma if we can raise a similar amount on ActBlue and elsewhere. Your contribution will let us put this on broadcast TV statewide.

Our next commercial (funds permitting) will show Inhofe’s leading role in frying the planet by torpedoing any action on global warming.

Help us get this on the air so that Oklahomans will light a fire under Inhofe making him learn how Oklahomans feel about his role in betraying our troops and our planet! Donate to Progressive Kick’s Oklahoma Fund at ActBlue.