Tell the DNC: Include “Medicare For All” in the Platform.

MEDICARE FOR ALLOver 30 million Americans do not have access to healthcare. Even with President Obama’s landmark Affordable Care Act, they are left out in the cold, faced with impossible financial decisions due to lack of insurance coverage and skyrocketing healthcare costs.

Hard working Americans are forced into bankruptcy by a health condition they didn’t predict – and cannot afford. And, millions of others can’t access any health care at all – lowering their quality of life – and shortening their life expectancy.

Tell the DNC: Include “Medicare For All” in the Platform.

Last month, the Democratic party platform committee voted to endorse healthcare as “a right,” but blocked an amendment pledging the Democratic Party fight for a “Medicare for all, single-payer health-care system to guarantee health care as a right, not a privilege, to everyone in this country.”

So, basically the DNC platform says, “yeah, we agree, healthcare is a right for all people. But, not really.”

We cannot in good faith say healthcare is a right if 30 Million people cannot access it. On healthcare, the Democratic platform’s position rings hollow, eerily similar to what turn of the century leaders said about voting; “Everyone has the right to vote! (unless you’re poor, non-white, or a woman).”

It’s all hat and no horse.

We must demand better. Tell the DNC: Include “Medicare For All” in the Platform.

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Hey DNC: Just Say No (to the TPP)!

TPP-Stop-Sign smallAs progressive democrats, we have a lot to thank Bernie Sanders for, including some positive changes to the Democratic Party’s 2016 platform.

The platform includes a call for an end to the death penalty, a $15 minimum wage, banking reform, broad marijuana law reform, and elimination of tax breaks for Big Oil.

All good things.

Sign the petition and tell the DNC: Oppose the TPP. Block a vote in Congress.

But what does the platform say about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal?

This past weekend in Orlando, the platform committee agreed to language that said they would oppose “trade agreements that do not support good American jobs.”

Well, duh.

Sanders and Clinton both oppose the TPP. So does virtually every labor union, environmental group, and even major religious groups.

The Democratic Party platform should join Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in opposing the TPP and in rejecting a vote on the TPP in Congress.

Bernie Sanders has been pushing for an amendment that says, “It is the policy of the Democratic Party that the Trans-Pacific Partnership must not get a vote in this Congress or in future sessions of Congress.”

The TPP trade deal is a bad deal for Americans. Among other things, it threatens the protection of workers and the environment, and would limit access to critically needed prescription drugs.

The Democratic Party must go on record in opposition to holding a vote on the TPP during the lame duck session of Congress and beyond.

Sign the petition to tell the DNC: Oppose the TPP. Block a vote in Congress.

In just two weeks, the Democratic National Convention will gather and vote to ratify or modify the party platform. Let’s show our support for Bernie’s hard work by sending a strong message to the DNC.

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Joshua Grossman, President
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As Maine Goes, So Goes the Nation. Abolish Superdelegate Voting Dominance Over the Rest of Us!

The Maine Democratic Party recently voted to abolish the influence of superdelegates. Now, other states are clamoring to follow their lead.

Ultimately, to truly restore one person, one vote to our nomination process, the DNC needs to change the rules.

Tell DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Abolish Superdelegate Voting Dominance!

Superdelegates have the “superpower” to choose the party’s presidential nominee irrespective of the voters’ choice.ConventionForPKWebsite

The sponsor of the rule change in Maine, Representative Diane Russell, stated, “The reason that I have put this in is we have heard from people all across the state about how frustrated they are that you can actually have a popular vote where 63 percent of the delegates go to one candidate, and yet superdelegates are not voting in proportion to that.”

The new Maine rules mean Superdelegate presidential preferences will be allocated in the same proportion as voter preferences. The change will take effect in 2020.

If enough states make this change at their state conventions, the DNC will be forced to pay attention. But, change won’t happen unless people make our voices heard.

Tell DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz: Abolish Superdelegate Voting Dominance!

Maine Representative Diane Russell, sponsor of the rule change, and a Bernie Sanders delegate to the Democratic National Convention will be delivering the signatures. Please sign and share.

“It’s really quite simple. If you want to build a fair economy that works for everyone, you must first build a fair election system that works for everyone.” – Maine State Representative Diane Russell