Tell Your State’s Superdelegates: Don’t Deny Democracy

Over 200,000 people have signed on our general petition to hold the Democratic Superdelegates accountable for their votes. We’re off to a great start, but we need to go further in making sure that free and fair election results aren’t subverted.

Superdelegates are bigwigs, party people and politicians. The super delegates in your state need to hear from YOU, their constituents, not just the powers that be. Signing the general petition is a great first step, but Superdelegates will have to listen harder when approached directly by voters in their home state.

Please join with us in asking your Superdelegates to honor the voters’ choice. In the event of a close race, they MUST pledge to vote with regular voters – not party elites.

As a voter, they have to listen to you if you speak up. Please take a moment to urge them to listen to the people, to listen to you.

Superdelegates could flip the Democratic primary?

Progressive Kick endorsed Bernie Sanders because he is the only real progressive challenger to Hillary Clinton. But this post isn’t about Bernie, it’s about the democratic process of voting itself. DNC Superdelegates could flip the Democratic primary results if they wanted to, ignoring the will of the people. As we emailed about before, superdelegates are party leaders and politicians who get to cast special ‘VIP’ votes for President at the Democratic National Conventions. They’re about 700 people, insiders and party elites, and they get a way bigger say than any one state.

We think this is just plain wrong. So we’re working with Emilijana Ulaj and Rob Akleh of Ready to Fight and Jenni Siri of Women for Bernie to make it right.

Together we’ve gathered over 187,000 signatures from Democratic voters across the country to ask the Superdelegates to do the right thing and vote with the people if it’s a close race. Thank you to everybody who spoke up by signing up. But we need to make sure they get the message.

So we’re taking the next step. Together we’ve built a website with all the superdelegates in all the states and their contact information. Please go to and take a look.

We have the superdelegates listed for every state, and how to contact the elected officials to make your voice heard. Please take a moment to contact the superdelegates in your state (politely!) and ask them to not deny the wish of Democratic voters with their superdelegate vote. Once you’re done taking action, please share this so that we can keep the pressure on.

If you want Bernie elected, you better know what ‘Superdelegate’ means.

Last night was amazing! Bernie won New Hampshire flat-out, getting a clear majority of the support from real voters, not DC establishment insiders.

Unfortunately, we need to start talking about those insiders, and a trick they have to rig the Democratic primary process called the ‘Superdelegate’ system.

Superdelegates are party leaders and politicians who get to cast special ‘VIP’ votes for President at the Democratic National Conventions. They’re about 700 people, insiders and party elites, and they get a way bigger say than any one state.

Tell the Superdelegates you’re not having it – right now.

It’s not a sure thing, but it could happen if we do nothing: Superdelegates could give the nomination to Hillary even if a majority of voters and elected delegates support Bernie. This wouldn’t be some kind of ‘mistake’; this is why Superdelegates exist!

That’s why we’re launching a national campaign to ensure the Superdelegate system doesn’t get a chance to reverse the popular will. Please sign our petition demanding that Superdelegates honor the will of the voters – no matter what.

Yes, I want to protect our primary votes from the Superdelegates!

Right now, Hillary has way more pledged Superdelegates than Bernie. (There’s a few progressive champions who have pledged their Superdelegate votes to Bernie, like Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairs Keith Ellison and Raul Grijalva, but they’re rare.) 1

Altogether, Superdelegates represent roughly 30% of the votes required to win the Democratic nomination. 2 The rest? They’re reserved for the millions of actual voters casting their ballots in caucuses and primaries, like in New Hampshire. The math works out to something close to One Superdelegate, One Vote – and One Regular Voter, 0.0001% of a Vote. And we can’t let that stand.

Help us make sure the people win, not the establishment – click here to sign the petition to protect our votes.

Luckily, history is on our side – this isn’t the first time that the corrupt Superdelegate system has been defeated by people power. In 2008, then-Senator Obama almost lost the Democratic nomination from Superdelegates, until Democratic voters across the country said No.

They made such a big stink that party insiders knew they’d face huge political blowback for ignoring the voters. 3

We can do it again. Sign our petition today.