Progressive Kick Helps Nurses Fight Kansas Gov. Brownback

Progressive Kick has teamed up with National Nurses United to fight Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback with nearly $157,000 in online video and Pandora ads urging voters to defeat the governor next Tuesday.

One of the ads, currently circulating across computer screens and satellite TV statewide, features Kansas nurse Kim Carter, RN, calling Brownback “reckless and just plain mean.”

“He made the largest cuts ever to public education. He made sure 78,000 residents wouldn’t get medical coverage. And his policies broke the state’s budget causing major cuts in public services,” she says.

Said Progressive Kick President Joshua Grossman, regarding the ad: “Brownback has decimated the Kansas state budget, which precipitated cuts to public education. Brownback is robbing Kansas children of their future.”

“The governor has inflicted extreme Tea Party beliefs on Kansas, much to the detriment of a state known for its progressive political firsts – the first to mandate workers’ compensation, the first to regulate the securities industry, and the first to give women the right to vote. On Election Day, we want to bring Brownback’s rule to an end before he causes any more harm to Kansas,” Grossman added.

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