Progressive Kick, Maine Nurses Vs. LePage

Maine nurses have joined with Progressive Kick to turn the page on the last four years of Gov. Paul LePage’s leadership with $84,000 in online video and Pandora radio ads.

One of the ads, currently circulating statewide, opens with Kim Carter, RN, explaining why another LePage term would hurt most Mainers, except those with deep pockets.

“He’s the second-worst governor in job creation. He denied medical coverage to 70,000 Mainers, and vetoed a raise in the minimum wage,” she says. “LePage means less work, less pay and less access to healthcare.”

Observed Progressive Kick President Joshua Grossman: “What can you say about a man who can’t find anything good to say about his opponents? LePage is just the kind mean spirited politician Maine doesn’t need. He cares more about the special interests who fill his campaign coffers than the great people of the state he leads.”

The 30-second spot targeted toward low-propensity voting Democrat and swing voters ends with a plea for viewers to join the nurse to “make a plan” to vote on November 4th. Experience shows that citizens who commit to voting are more likely to actually show up at the polls on Election Day.

Progressive Kick and NNU are spending a total of $84,000 on the ads, including $73,000 for pre-roll video and $11,000 for Pandora radio.

Read the press release: here