Progressive Kick Spends $1.29M Against Vulnerable Guvs In 4 States

We have teamed up with the nation’s nurses to get out the vote against vulnerable incumbents in four pivotal states — Wisconsin, Michigan, Maine and Kansas — with $1.29 million in online, satellite TV and Pandora ads.

Progressive Kick President Joshua Grossman says all four of the incumbents targeted – Govs. Rick Snyder, Scott Walker, Paul LePage and Sam Brownback – have done little if anything for their constituents.

“All four of these governors have shown that they’re unworthy of the people they represent. At least three have imposed extremist Tea Party agendas, leaving their states in shambles, hurting everyday people on many fronts,” said Grossman. “That’s just no way to treat your constituents. We had to step up and do something.”

The 30-second spots target low-propensity voting Democrats and swing voters, urging them to join the nurses to “make a plan” to vote on Nov. 4. Experience shows that citizens who commit to voting are more likely to actually show up at the polls on Election Day.

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