Progressive Kick, Wisc. Nurses Want Walker To Take Walk

Progressive Kick and Wisconsin nurses want to put Gov. Scott Walker on the unemployment line, where he can get a better idea of what it’s like to live on minimum wage.

Overall, we and National Nurse United are spending $380,000 on online video, satellite TV and Pandora radio ads in opposition of Walker, who has left Wisconsin’s economy worse off.

One of the ads, currently circulating on computer screens, mobile devices, satellite TV and Pandora radio, opens with Heidi Deutsch, R.N., explaining why another four years of Walker is just plain wrong for the Badger State.

“Walker’s Wisconsin was 49th out of 50 states in economic outlook. He cut a billion dollars out of education, fought against the minimum wage and cut more people from Medicaid than any other state,” she says.

Progressive Kick President Joshua Grossman said: “Walker weakened public unions and killed a minimum wage all allegedly in the name of creating jobs, a goal he miserably failed at by his own measurement.”

Read the press release: here