Recall the Wisconsin Republican 8

UPDATE 4/21: We did it! Together we raised over $20,000 towards the Wisconsin Senate recall.

Unbelievable! Last month Governor Scott Walker in Wisconsin called for an illegal last-minute vote to take away workers’ rights and solve the budget crisis he created. Eight puppet Republican senators backed him up and voted for Walker’s extreme agenda.

Scott Walker is not eligible to be recalled until next year, but those 8 senators can answer to the people right now.

Your support of Progressive Kick’s Win Big by Thinking Small project last year — where we matched donations up to $125K for progressive legislative candidates around the country — had a big impact.

Now your help can make a difference in Wisconsin. We’re teaming up with the Democratic Party of Wisconsin to double your money and double your impact, by matching your contributions dollar-for-dollar for the Wisconsin Senate Recall.

Recall the Republican 8

Your contribution is urgently needed! People on the ground in Wisconsin are working hard on the recall. With the help of supporters and volunteers like you they are over halfway there. The signatures we need to put extremist Senators Dan Kapanke and Randy Hopper back on the ballot have been gathered already. However time is running out in other districts. The 60-day recall deadline is the end of April.

We need your help to keep it going. Please donate today, and your donation will be doubled. Every dollar you contribute on this page will be matched by Progressive Kick, up to $10,000. All of the money will be sent to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin specifically for signature gathering efforts to qualify the recalls for the ballot.

  • $75 gets us an organizer for a day to put together a weekend canvass.
  • $40 buys a tank of gas so an organizer can drive around the district organizing canvasses in different locations.
  • $25 pays the rent on a field office for the canvass for a day. Some of the districts are large and require more than one field office.

We’re so close — can you kick in just a few dollars today? Every donation will be doubled by Progressive Kick’s major donors.

Let’s show Governor Walker and his Republican Senate flunkies what we’re made of.