Rep. Rick Glazier, NC House-45

Rick GlazierJanuary 14, 2011

“Our race was the closest in the state, and when we needed funds the most they were the toughest to raise. Progressive Kick not only provided the extra resources we needed, they gave us the matching donation tool we needed to bring in new donors at a critical time. Without Progressive Kick’s help, we could not have made the final push that made all the difference on Election Day. The extra funds allowed us to hire 10 additional field staff for the last 4 days of the campaign, these workers distributed thousands of poll location cards to every corner of the district, helping to ensure our folks got to the polls and helped us win. We were also able to use the funds to expand our mail plan, and send one of the most effective pieces of the election.”

August 17, 2010

“We have been able to create a strong progressive-center coalition that has enacted a series of social and economically progressive legislation that has made an enormous difference in the lives of families and children: minimum wage legislation well before Congress acted several years ago, a substantial earned income tax credit, public funding of elections of judicial and some executive branch offices, comprehensive sex education in middle schools, the nation’s first actual innocence commission modeled on the only one in the world in the UK, a series of mortgage protection bills now viewed as a national consumer model, elimination of predatory pay day lending practices, a comprehensive homeowner anti-scam protection law, an anti-bullying bill which protects all children, including those on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, which is the first in the south and one of the most comprehensive in the country, the first bill that removes the cap on damages for any oil spill damage off the east coast in light of Deepwater Horizon, and a series of laws aimed at reforming the criminal justice system, including videotaping of all homicide interrogations, a detailed witness identification procedures bill, a model DNA and biological evidence preservation bill, and the nation’s second state to pass a Racial Justice Act…

All of this progressive legislation passed in North Carolina in the last 2 sessions and much of it by the slimmest of margins, including four of these bills passing by one vote with the Speaker in each case breaking the tie and after bitter and extended ideological attack from the opposition…

… the work and funds of Progressive Kick are critical if we are to maintain control. Democrats, particularly progressives, win here because we have better candidates, are far better organized with strong ground games, and have significantly greater resources than our opponents. When any of these three factors do not exist we lose, so resources at the state level make an incredible difference. For example in my House district, which is a swing district with a 47% Democratic performance margin and which went hard for George Bush in 2004 and John McCain in 2008, I still won by 123 votes in 2004 and 700 votes in 2006 because of work and time and resources in my district, but my seat now costs over $275,000 to hold…

… redistricting will occur in 2011 and how that proceeds in our state will decide control of the General Assembly and our congressional delegation for a decade…”


Rep. Rick Glazier
45th District, North Carolina House of Representatives