See Exciting New Videos Showing What Wonderful People Our Republican Opponents Are!

Watch our videos highlighting the nefarious records of the opponents of our six rock star progressive candidates and on behalf of Tammy Baldwin.

Oregon state House district 51 – “Patrick Sheehan’s Watching Out For…?!” – spotlighting Sheehan’s record on behalf of Shemia Fagan.

Minnesota state House district 14B – “Kick Republican King Banaian off his throne” – spotlighting Banaian’s record on behalf of Zach Dorholt.

New Mexico state House district 23 – “Someone Explain Society’s Laws and Rules to Policeman Paul Pacheco” – spotlighting Pacheco’s record on behalf of Marci Blaze.

Washington state legislative district 47-1 – “Happy Halloween Toxic Zombie Mark Hargrove” – spotlighting Hargrove’s record on behalf of Bud Sizemore.

Nevada state Senate district 15 – “Tell Greg Brower Not To Count His Chickens” – spotlighting Brower’s record on behalf of Sheila Leslie.

Colorado state House district 3 – “Brian Watson – ‘fiscally responsible’ Republican who doesn’t pay his taxes” – spotlighting Watson’s record on behalf of Daniel Kagan.

Wisconsin senate race “Tommy Thompson’s Love Affair With Drugs” – spotlighting Thompson’s record on behalf of Tammy Baldwin.