Tell President Obama: #DumpDebbie

As chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Debbie Wasserman Schultz should represent Democratic values.

But, she doesn’t. Not even close.

The DNC Chair serves at the “pleasure of the President.” The President should no longer be pleased.

Tell President Obama: Debbie doesn’t represent me! Tell Obama to #DumpDebbie

Wasserman Schultz has used her role as DNC Chair to #DumpDebbie For ANtry and minimize competition for her candidate, Hillary Clinton.[i] She attempted to schedule very few debates at times of low TV viewing[ii] and has been accused of questionable fundraising arrangements with Hillary Clinton.[iii]

We expect better from our DNC Chairwoman. When Sanders supporters attempted to persuade their superdelegates to support the candidate who had won their state’s popular vote, Wasserman Schultz scolded them for “using tactics that border on harassment, that feel like stalking.”[iv] She has referred to young female Sanders supporters of “complacency” because they were born after Roe V. Wade.[v]

Tell President Obama: Debbie doesn’t represent me! Tell Obama to #DumpDebbie

As a congresswoman, Wasserman-Schultz is a member of the “New Democrat Coalition” — lawmakers who take progressive stands on social issues, but are sympathetic to GOP economic policies.[vi] One stunning example is her co-sponsorship of a bill that would gut the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) payday loan regulations.[vii]

Much of the payday loan industry are economic vampires, sucking the financial lifeblood of poor communities with usurious interest rates. The regulations aim to shield families from predatory lending.

The CFPB, created by Senator Elizabeth Warren, is accustomed to attacks by the GOP and corporate democrats who are longtime recipients of campaign contributions from the payday loan industry. And now the industry has a new ally – DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Tell President Obama: Debbie doesn’t represent me! Tell Obama to #DumpDebbie

Thank you for joining us in telling President Obama to choose a DNC Chair who speaks for us,

Joshua Grossman, President Progressive Kick, Give Conservatives the Boot!

Progressive Kick is an organization of pragmatic progressives, dedicated to construction of a society that values the needs/rights/responsibilities of all of its members-from the most powerful to the least. Since the most powerful are already being taken care of, our capacity building focuses on the rest of us.

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