Tell Your State’s Superdelegates: Don’t Deny Democracy

Over 200,000 people have signed on our general petition to hold the Democratic Superdelegates accountable for their votes. We’re off to a great start, but we need to go further in making sure that free and fair election results aren’t subverted.

Superdelegates are bigwigs, party people and politicians. The super delegates in your state need to hear from YOU, their constituents, not just the powers that be. Signing the general petition is a great first step, but Superdelegates will have to listen harder when approached directly by voters in their home state.

Please join with us in asking your Superdelegates to honor the voters’ choice. In the event of a close race, they MUST pledge to vote with regular voters – not party elites.

As a voter, they have to listen to you if you speak up. Please take a moment to urge them to listen to the people, to listen to you.