Vote Ivette Hernandez

Vote Ivette Hernandez

“When Ivette Hernandez moved from Puerto Rico to Boston as a teenager she was a young mother who had endured domestic violence, knew no English and had a ninth grade education.”-, 6/19/14

Ivette Hernandez and her young child ended up in a homeless shelter, but because of quality childcare, state and community colleges, access to public transportation, and affordable housing Ivette was able to learn English, obtain her GED, then her bachelors and Masters degrees. Now, she works in Springfield every day as a social worker to protect at-risk children and support troubled families.

Ivette Hernandez is the kind of person we need representing us in the legislature:

“I am a Latina from a community where our kids are pushed up the pipeline to prison and where young boys and girls die from gang violence. Where our families live in extreme poverty and even a full time low wage job is just another form of poverty. I am forced into this movement, because my community won’t survive unless we act together and I’m in the fight until we win.” -Ivette Hernandez

Ivette is running for state representative to make certain every family, every child, and every person has the same chance at success she had. Ivette is going to make sure government is working for all of us, not just the special interests.

Remember to vote! In this election you have the rare opportunity to elect someone representative of the community they will serve. Your vote can make a difference in this race.

Click here to donate to our independent expenditure effort to support Ivette Hernandez for Massachusetts’ 10th Hampden District state representative seat.

Ivette Hernandez’s Endorsements

  • Mass Alliance
  • Massachusetts AFL-CIO
  • MassEquality
  • Pioneer Valley Central Labor Council
  • 1199 SEIU
  • SEIU Local 32BJ
  • SEIU Local 509
  • SEIU Local 888
  • UFCW Local 1459