Win Big by Thinking Small!

Win Big by Thinking Small!

Progressive Kick announces $125,000 matching donation contest in select state legislative races!

Dozens of state legislatures are up for grabs this November, and with them, the power to redistrict dozens of U.S. House seats. That’s why Progressive Kick and its major donors have pledged to match dollar-for-dollar all contributions to select, progressive legislative and down-ballot statewide candidates, when given through our Win Big by Thinking Small ActBlue page between now and October 28, 2010.

That’s at least $125,000 to spend now, that could save progressives tens of millions of dollars later:

“The average winner of a competitive House race in 2008 spent $2 million, while a noncompetitive seat can be defended for far less than half that amount. Moving, say, 20 districts from competitive to out-of-reach could save a party $100 million or more over the course of a decade.”
— GOP strategist, Karl Rove

Don’t trust Karl Rove? Read the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee’s dissertation on “The Economic$ of Redi$tricting,” and The New York Times on “How to Tilt an Election Through Redistricting.”

How does it work?

Simply click through to our Win Big by Thinking Small page, and securely use your credit card to contribute to one, some or all of the listed candidates. Every dollar you give via our page will promptly go directly to your chosen candidates; we don’t touch a dime. See ActBlue’s FAQ for details.

Then, through October 28, we will match your donations dollar-for-dollar, up to at least $10,000 per candidate, as permissible by state campaign finance laws. (Click here for details.)

What a great way to double your money, double your impact and double our chances of building and maintaining a progressive majority in Congress! But remember, we can only matching donations made through our ActBlue page, and only between now and October 28th, so please hurry up and give now.

How did we choose our candidates?

We’ve vetted our candidates very carefully, consulting with multiple experts in each state, to assure that only genuine progressives made our list. Both polling data and experienced, local election observers agree that each of these races is close but winnable, and that control of Congressional redistricting in their state is at stake. (For example, candidates in states with nonpartisan redistricting processes were not eligible.)

All of our candidates are progressive leaders with real backbones… unlike some Democratic members of Congress who we’ll have to hold our noses to vote for in order to keep a majority. And many of our candidates on this page will be the progressive Congressional candidates of the future.

How do I promote myself/my favorite candidate?

Progressive Kick offers sample fund raising appeals tailored specifically to candidates, party committees and bloggers. Just copy the text, paste it into an email or post, modify as needed, and click send. Easy as that. Or, share a link to this page via Twitter, Facebook, email and whatever via one of the buttons below:

Remember, we can only promise to match your donations until October 28th, or until our $125,000 runs out, and the candidates can use the money the sooner the better. So please give today!